Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Swine-Proofing Adventure

Today was our happy day. The kids were able to get their swine flu vaccines. Do not think that this brought joy to them. I purposely waited to announce our adventure until I'd picked them up from school--and we were on our way to the Doctor's office. Hannah cried for 25 minutes in preparation for the shot. Toph cried some, but was trying to be quiet about it. Not Hannah.

In the waiting room the kids were fine. Toph was subdued, but Hannah was obnoxiously friendly. Then they called our name and the drama began again..... Hannah started immediately crying. Toph wanted to know what the nurse was doing with "the stuff on that tray." He kept telling us that he didn't really want to do this. Dr. Rachel asked which kid wanted to go first--they pointed to each other. I let Hannah go first (she was closer to me). She was crying louder now and flinched and ramped it up a notch when the nurse wiped her arm with alcohol. Then came the poke, and she stopped crying and announced, "That didn't hurt at all!" One down, one to go!

Toph had moved to the door by this point, and had to be bodily dragged over to the chair. He was crying a bit too, but not loud. Sister kept repeating that it didn't hurt at all. He got his poke and kind of made a whimper sound, but that was it. Bandaids all around, and we got to go pick out stickers. Then Dr. Rachel announced that we'd need a booster in a month, if they had any. That kind of made me a liar about the whole "we're just getting ONE shot."

When we have to get shots, it's our "reward" to do something afterward. I'd already told the kids that we could go out to eat, so they got to fight about where. It was a pretty easy choice. We decided to go to Cheeburger Cheeburger (gotta love those milkshakes!). For those of you who have not had the experience, Cheeburger is a 50's style diner with AWESOME food. We love it all. You can have a burger made YOUR way--how "done," what cheese, and what toppings (choose as many as you like from a list of like 50). Onion rings are delicious. Pepsi is served (NOT Coke!). And the milkshakes are to die for--and just about any flavor/combo you can think of. There's lots of chrome and neon. There's 50's music piped in. There's paper towels on the table (instead of napkins). And there's Trivial Pursuit cards on the table too.

Hannah reads EVERYTHING now that she can read. We like looking at the Trivial Pursuit cards, and tonight was no exception. We got the "fun" cards though:
(Remember that Hannah is reading these.)
Q: What is a capon?
A: A castrated rooster.

Q: What illustrated sex guide did Alex Comfort write?
A: The Joy of Sex.

Needless to say, we stopped reading the cards after this one--Hannah didn't know why. We were laughing pretty hard, and our server was mortified--until he realized that we were just amused and not mad. But he asked for the card anyway--I don't think it's going to make its way back to the table again.

After stuffing ourselves, we decided to see if our favorite hair lady was working, and she was! Hair cuts all around completed our swine-proofing adventure. Not bad for a Friday night. Fun was had by all--and some good chuckles too.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The calendar says it's fall. Two days ago it was more than 90* so I'm not sure that Mother Nature has gotten the memo.

I think this tree is sunburned.