Friday, August 29, 2008

Customer Service--not so much.....

Today I got a request from my cell phone company to call them. I came home and found my bill in the mail--$2871.20!

Remember my post about when Robert went to Vegas and got cloned? When he was resolving the whole cloning thing, the fraud department told him that they couldn't tell him what calls, if any, were made by the cloned phone. He'd have to wait until the bill came and then they'd be able to resolve it.

So I quickly called 611. I explained to the guy that I had charges on my bill from when my husband's phone was cloned and he put me on hold......for like 8 minutes. Came back on the line and told me that he had to check with the fraud department and that they'd be happy to issue me a credit, but that their computers are down right now....are you kidding me? These are the people who only work M-F, until 5 pm. Because fraud doesn't happen on the weekends.... Monday is a holiday, so are they working? Maybe....

So, I'm not paying this bill--no matter if the fraud people are working Monday or not. We'll get it resolved with their computers, but this is really getting annoying! I'd like my problems to be resolved in the FIRST customer service call I make, not the second or third. UGH!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Did Someone say "DINNER?"

Today I was looking at my Google Reader, and I saw something worthy of linking on Tipnut. Today they posted some easy casserole recipes. Since I'm in a dinner funk, I decided that I'd share these recipes with everyone else--just in case you're in a recipe funk too. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Mother Nature,

Perhaps you've gotten your geography mixed up.... We live in the WEST, not the EAST. The miserable humid weather is something we are not used to here.

We are also experiencing a water shortage, so showering 3 times daily is really unrealistic. I'm losing 10 pounds every day through sweating, and while I can sustain that weight loss for several days in a row, there are many skinny people here who cannot afford to lose that much weight. And we cannot possibly drink enough to replenish all that we sweat.

If we MUST have miserable humid weather, could you at least bless us with some rain? Our plants are very dry, and we worry about lightening. I'd also like to request some more comfortable temperatures during the night hours--so that we can sleep better. We are just not used to living in a sauna.

Finally, I would like to remind you that one of the reasons that we love where we live is because of the wonderful weather. We'd REALLY like to have that wonderful weather back again.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Murphy's Law: Stuff we Buy

Sometimes I think I'm one of the unluckiest people alive--if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any.

I won my Cricut machine on ebay. It was cause for great celebration. I got it out of the FACTORY-SEALED box and stroked it and was SO happy.....

Until Thursday night, when I was trying to help Toph with a homework assignment. I put the cutting blade in, put the cartridge in, and...... NOTHING.

The power light is on, but the screen doesn't light up and it doesn't work!

I immediately emailed my ebay seller and asked what kind of a return policy they have. She was mortified and gave me the Cricut 877-number. Their people were very nice, and it looks like they'll be replacing my machine.

I'll still get to play with my new toy, but it will take awile longer....... Can you say "Murphy's Law?"

Murphy's Law: Weekends

Last Friday, all-day long school had caught up with Hannah. I went in AT THE LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE to wake her up, and was met with, "but I'm so tired Mama." I assured Hannah that she could sleep in as late as she wanted to on Saturday, but that she had to get up NOW.

Fridays we usually let the kids stay up a little bit later than usual, BECAUSE they can sleep in later on Saturdays. Why don't we ever learn? I'm thinking a bit of parental retardation must be in effect. Kids stayed up until 9:30 Friday night.

BEFORE 8 on Saturday morning, my Hannah (remember, she's the NIGHT OWL?) was up and chipper. She came in the bedroom all jazzed up to show me her human alphabet. She spent the next 15 minutes doing various ABC poses. After she'd posed for as many of the ABC's as she could do, she lined up pillows on the floor the length of my bed--this was her stage. She then proceeded to have me give her words to spell. She posed for each letter of the word as she worked her way down the "stage."

It was really cute, but WHY? WHY ON A SATURDAY MORNING??? What happened to my girl who willingly slept until at least 10? What is it about weekends that makes the kids wake up so much earlier than usual? On a side note, my "early bird" boy slept until about 8:30--much later than usual.

Murphy's Law: Health

So 2 weeks ago Robert went to Vegas to a conference, where his phone got cloned. He also came home with cold symptoms that he attributed to "getting Vegas out of the sinuses." I agreed with him until the kids started in.....

Then I got it last week. I started in with some symptoms last Sunday. It got a little worse on Monday. By Tuesday evening I was running a fever. Wednesday I really didn't feel good. Thursday I used my new part-time empty nest time to SLEEP. I dropped off the kids at school and slept until I needed to pick them up in the afternoon. I felt more human--go figure! Friday I worked in both classes, and by Friday night I knew I'd done too much. Saturday and Sunday I spent in bed or in my recliner--with a 100 fever all of Saturday. I was SO BORED! But the rest was necessary, because I'm better now. My energy level still isn't up to par, but I haven't had a fever since Saturday. I'm not coughing my guts out any more. I am able to sleep a bit more comfortably.

My first week as a part-time empty nester, and I spent it in bed! How dumb is that?! I guess I was blessed with the timing though, because I didn't have to worry about taking care of anyone else all day.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Working in the Classrooom!

I have had an amazing morning! I got to volunteer in both kids' classrooms! Most teachers don't want the parents to help yet--establish rules and routines and all that jazz. Hannah's teacher is ALONE for the first time in Kindergarten--usually the PM teacher helps the AM teacher and vice versa. I get to put the communication folders together AND I get to be the cooking Mom! I don't know what we'll be cooking, but Mrs. C. assures me that it's simple and fun. Since I used to teach cooking, it will be fun to do what I love--with a much younger audience.

In Toph's room I got to help with some initial reading assessments. Piece of cake stuff. And I'll be doing something else with reading later on. Fridays in Toph's class are FUN! They get to take their shoes off, have stuffed animals, read special "Friday" books, and listen to nice classical music.

I had SO MUCH FUN!!! It was, to quote Hannah, "Totally Awesome" to be in the classroom again. It was even better to be there on volunteer terms, so I could leave when I was done.

I loved seeing both kids in action as well as seeing both teachers in action. Working in the classroom will probably be my favorite part of my weeks. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful school and wonderful teachers for my kiddos. We're going to enjoy this year A LOT!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Third Day of School, First Time in TROUBLE!

It was bound to happen--I just didn't expect it to happen so fast.

In Hannah's new classroom, there's a behavior management technique the teacher uses. All the kids have a clothes pin with their names on it around a sun. The sun is where you want to be. If you misbehave, you have to put your name on the rain cloud--but you can earn your way back!

Hannah has a short fuse..... Hannah gets physical at home..... We worried.....

Hannah came to greet me this afternoon, not as buoyant as usual. Her first words were, "I had to go on the rain cloud today." She told me what she did and we talked about what she could have done instead, and she went on her merry way. I talked to her teacher about it, and Mrs. C. said that Hannah didn't get in trouble for what she told me, but she got in trouble for sticking her tongue out at another student and making a face.

Of course Hannah cried--she's a Drama Queen. Mrs. C. just explained that what she'd done was something unacceptable--that's not how we treat our friends. She also explained that she wasn't MAD at Hannah. Soon Hannah scampered off to Lunch, and she found her way back to the sun.


Bite Me!

I went to the Dentist yesterday! First time in more than NINE years!

Last time I went to the dentist, I'd had to start with a new one. My dental insurance was an HMO, and I could no longer go to my familiar, "good," dentist. Most of the HMO choices were names that sounded like they were going to be limited English speaking. Say what you will, I have a hard time going to a doctor where I wonder if we're understanding each other..... I have no problem with limited English speaking, but if I'M paying for a service (especially from a doctor), I want to EASILY understand what's being said--and know that the doctor understands me. It's a stereotype, I know!

So I picked from the limited list, and my experience was so traumatic that I haven't been back. I decided I'd bite the big one and return to a Dentist when I got my kids going--THAT didn't happen either....

Our landlords recommended our dentist when we moved in. They said he was nice, gentle, and that he used the new ultrasonic technology. I sent Robert first. He said the Dentist was GREAT! So I decided to go too.....

It wasn't as bad as I'd made it out to be! I have 2 TINY cavities, and the teeth next to them have "old school" fillings that should be replaced. The dental assistant said, "wow, your teeth look good for someone who hasn't been to the dentist in such a long time."

My dental hiatus is over! Thank you, Anne for the recommendation!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Of course, I cried!

Well, today was the FIRST day of school--and Hannah's FIRST day of Kindergarten! I'll post more later, with pictures, but in case you were wondering,
Yes, of course, I cried!

I was fine until Robert asked if I was fine. So here's the trick: If you think I might cry, don't ask if I'm okay. If you see me crying about something totally stupid, don't ask if I'm okay. Don't even hug me or give me comfort--it just makes me cry. Just ignore me or throw kleenex at me or make silly faces at me. I'll be fine soon.

I'm an emotional person and my eyes leak when I'm happy--seriously. Ask Robert about the day we were married. (I forgot to warn him about the leaking eyes thing, and he thought that I was changing my mind!) After Mrs. C. read "The Kissing Hand" and dismissed the kids to hug and kiss their parents, I (crying) kissed Hannah and told her that I was going to go do the happy dance in the parking lot. All summer long I said that I'd cry when I dropped her off and then I'd go do the happy dance in the parking lot. I don't lie. Well, except that the happy dance was danced right outside the classroom and not in the parking lot (we walked to school today).

Now I'm fine. Oh, how was Hannah? FINE! Not a single tear or even look of nervousness! When the teacher asked the kids if any of them felt like the little raccoon in the story (scared to go to school) she was vehemently shaking her head..... She didn't get the leaking eye gene apparently!

Whoo-Hooo, I'm a part-time empty-nester! I'm going to the store! ALONE!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Husband CLONED!!!

How could I forget to post this?

Robert was in Vegas 2 weekends ago, and while he was there, his PHONE got cloned! I get nervous when he's gone and I can't make contact, so Friday (they left Thursday) when I didn't get responses to the text messages I sent, I was a little unhappy. Saturday, I got neither text responses nor a voice when I called--just voicemail. Twice his phone went straight to voicemail without even ringing--like his phone was off.

So, I sent an email that basically chewed him out for not charging his phone....Still no response. I ended up texting one of his work buddies (his hotel room mate) and asking him to ask Robert to call home--by this time all kinds of scenerios were running through my mind, all with bad endings. When Robert called that evening, I was SO relieved!

Sunday, I didn't hear much from Robert, but he was in his last day of conference, so I didn't expect much. He called right before they left Vegas, and he texted me a couple of times about traffic. I never got responses to the texts I sent him though. Then I couldn't reach him by phone. UGH! NOT AGAIN! When he did get home, I was almost in a panic, "Why weren't you answering your phone? I left at least 9 voicemails!" Robert's phone NEVER rang. It didn't display any missed phone calls or any voicemails received. When he called his voicemail, there were 11--9 from me. Weird!

He called our cell carrier and spent almost 90 minutes on the phone with them Sunday night. His particular phone, the Treo 700p, is vulnerable to cloning--too lenghthy to get into it. Also to note, the fraud/cloning department is ONLY open during business hours, Monday-Friday (because nobody has cloning problems on the weekend?). This was an absolute NIGHTMARE! Sunday night, all our cell carrier could do was note that cloning was suspected, and not allow any incoming calls. It took Robert a LONG time to work out on Monday, but his phone now belongs to him again. We won't know, until we get our bill, how much (if any) was charged to Robert's phone during the cloning--we won't be responsible for it. Oddly, he DID receive a voicemail from someone we don't know in Jamaica--so we think they at least made ONE call!

So, Robert went to a SECURITY conference, got his phone cloned while there, and brought home a nasty respiratory yuck--I'm not so excited about him going next year!

Kindergarten Orientation!

Well, we got to go to school this morning for Hannah's Kindergarten Orientation! We got to meet Hannah's teacher and see a few of her classmates.

It was really fun. The teacher had a scavenger hunt for us to complete--full of things they'd find and use in the room. We found the season tree and Hannah got to hang an apple with her name on it. We found the light blue table and Hannah got to do a dot to dot picture. We found the birthday board, and Hannah got to hang up a (paper)cake slice with her name and birthday on it--in the right place. We found the yellow table and Hannah got to color a picture of herself, and then she got to find her mailbox and put her paper in it. She got to find the bathroom and wash her hands, and then she got to find the drinking fountain and get a drink. Hannah got to declare how she was getting home from school and fill in her part of a bar graph.

Lastly, Hannah got to receive her "blue bag" (the school gives these to all Kindergarteners to use instead of a backpack), her name badge (to wear tomorrow), and a goody bag.

What a fun morning! Hannah can hardly wait for tomorrow!

End of Stay-cation

Yesterday was our last day of stay-cation. We enjoyed a nice breakfast with Junell, and sat around and gabbed until lunch. After lunch, Junell decided it was time for her to go home--earlier than we'd planned.

I don't know if our sniffling and sneezing was driving her away (and who could blame her if it was?) or if she was just missing home, we were sad to see Junell go!

She has promised to come back again though, and we'll anxiously wait for her return--next time we're going to the BEACH!

It was so nice to have stay-cation again. We love showing people around our nice home!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Email Working NOW, part 2

In an attempt to figure out WHO has the new email and who DOES NOT, please leave me a COMMENT if you do NOT have the new email address. You don't have to leave your email address--just a comment that you need it, and I'll take care of it.

Of course, if you are unable to comment on my blog, that means you'll have to register with google and get a FREE account, so that you can comment. If you wish to do that, it takes just 2 minutes. Please go HERE to create an account, so that you can comment.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stay-Cation, Day 3

I think we may have about killed off Junell yesterday. Today we scrapped almost ALL plans and had a take it easy day. Robert has had a bad cold (he says it's his lungs recovering from his 4 days in Vegas), and the kids have been a bit snotty the last couple of days. After walking ALL over yesterday at Sea World, we just needed some "veg" time.

We went shoe shopping and "last minute back to school" shopping today. Junell stayed in her guest room and read and napped--vacation bliss, if you ask me! Then we had lunch and pretty much napped. We introduced the kids to "Schoolhouse Rock" today, and they loved it.

We took Junell to Cheeburger Cheeburger for dinner (are you catching a theme with our "visitors' menu?") and LOVED every bite. Now the family is watching "Happy Feet." We saw the penguins at Sea World yesterday, so we HAD to watch "Happy Feet."

All in all, we're having a nice, restful day. I wish Toph and Hannah were breathing better--both have an asthma-like cough (Toph's really IS asthma). We just need to rest and drink and hope it's all gone by Tuesday!

I LOVE stay-cation days! And Junell is an EASY guest! I mean, she brings her own guest room! She's just glad to be out of the oppressive heat of the Central Valley (thank goodness today wasn't as humid!). She's a booknerd, like us, so it's nice to veg and read--a real vacation!

Stay-cation, Days 1-2

We've got a wonderful friend, Junell, visiting us right now. She drove down in her little motor home and uses it as her guest room. She got in yesterday afternoon, and we had a fantastic time chatting. We took her on a tour of Robert's office, and we went to Yanni's for dinner (of course!).

Today we got up late-ish, had a leisurely breakfast, visited, had a nice lunch at Mimi's, and then headed to Sea World. We stayed through the first "night" show (Sea Lions Tonight, our FAVORITE!). Then we picked up some Pickup Stix on the way home. Finished dinner at TEN, and sent the kids to bed!

Sorry, no pictures. I never took the camera out of the bag. Maybe tomorrow!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Email Working NOW

For those of you who were wondering when I was going to change over to the new email address, well, it's working NOW. My former email was disconnected for me today, without prior notice, so if you sent something today (after 5 pm), please send it again--but to the new address.

If you don't know the new email address, you'll have to ask me (or someone who knows). I will not be keeping an email link on my blog so as to not receive unwanted emails.

Privacy Protection

Hello again. A friend asked me to change her blog link to just a first name, for privacy. I know several other friends have similar concerns. So I changed them all. ORIGINALLY, I did have JUST first names listed--but I have 2 friends named Sunshine, and they BOTH have last names that start with "B." How crazy is that?! So Sunshines, you will now be B1 and B2--due to your place in alphabetical order.

Earthquake Awareness

As many of you know, and some felt, we experienced an earthquake here recently. I don't like earthquakes.

At dinner earlier this week, my friends and I were discussing the earthquake and earthquake safety. I was BLOWN AWAY when friends told me about the "triangle of life" and how the "duck and cover" and "get in a doorway" that we were taught was obsolete.

Today I got a fwd email from a friend in Fresno on that exact topic. Unless there is a snopes link in the email that I can follow, I usually go check it out myself. For those of you who don't know, can help you check things you're told to see if they're urban legends or true--and snopes offers proof of their claims.

When I checked out the "triangle of life" on snopes, I found that some points are true, but many are disputed or downright false. You can link to FEMA for earthquake safety information. You can link to the Red Cross for earthquake safety information. You can link to a rejoinder to Doug Copp, the "author" of the "triangle of life" theory. Do some research and get informed, and THEN make a plan specific to your location--home, work, school, etc.

Hopefully we WON'T experience the devestation that other places in the world have when we have our earthquakes. It scares the heck out of me when I see that destruction. I'm grateful that our building codes help protect us from earthquakes, to an extent. Now we need to make our own plans that are dependant on our own homes. It's not a bad idea to adopt the boy scout attitude of "BE PREPARED."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faith-Promoting Work

How fast do you think you can mobilize a bunch of Mormon Moms? Well, it's easy to do when you've got 5 out for dinner and you get, in this case, bad news. All of us have cell phones; all of us use them. It's amazing how fast you can gather and organize a group of folks in just 30 minutes.

That's the Relief Society in ACTION!

Friends of ours are moving to Guam--husband is in the military. Sunday night, their oldest (of 4) was pushed off the top bunk and broke his arm. Yesterday their baby (10 months?), in the 4 seconds he was unsupervised, got into some medicine and could have died! We were informed at dinner, one of our group (a SUPERwoman, in my book) left to go to their house to see if she could stay with the other kids, so Dad could join Mom at the hospital. We finished our dinner and then headed over. We'd made phone calls and determined who was taking which kids and what we could do to help. When we got back to their house, the kids had already been arranged for--more Relief Society phones were burning up the air time. All of us have moved and know the chaos of moving (much less moving out of the country!) and we all realized that it could have happened to ANY of us!

We got to visit in the hospital for a few minutes last night, and the baby took a turn for the worse during the night--seizures and breathing problems. I'm sure they received TONS of prayers in their behalf. I'm not sure if I ever have stopped praying for their little one yet! This morning, kids were farmed to other friends' houses, their second car was retrieved from the first hospital they were at (oh, yeah, Little One was transferred to a Children's hospital--good move!), we got to visit at the hospital again this morning and take some snack food. The second set of movers came today and the house got cleared. Kind friends and some Young Women from Church came tonight to do last minute tidying and pantry clearing.

Little One got extubated this morning, and he woke up (finally) tonight--and he was being given solid food, last I heard. I know he had a CAT scan (which came back fine) and they're monitoring his liver and kidney function, so he'll be in the hospital until probably tomorrow. The family flies out on Monday morning.

But this little family has seen a miracle this week. And it has left us all affected. We've all realized how fragile this life is and how totally dependant we are on our Heavenly Father. Lots of LITTLE things combined were accomplished by many helping hands.

I LOVE it when we have success stories about many hands making light work--or at least fellow brothers and sisters showing an increase of love and compassion to TRY to help each other. Wouldn't the world be a much better place if there was MORE of this?!

I remeber when we moved here. I couldn't have done it without the kindness of friends and loved ones. There was just SO much to do; it was overwhelming to even think about it.

Little One and his family: We love you and will miss you! We're so glad we got to help out! Please come back to CA when you're done with if you get to decide! :-)

(additional link to something on Relief Society)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm published elsewhere on the net!

Ok, so I stalk a BUNCH of blogs--most are folks I know.

I also subscribe to a BUNCH of other websites--mostly Geek-related. Because of watching, I found Most of the time I skim over the stuff, but occasionally I find something I like.

Robert laughs at me, because I found out a couple of years ago that sugar stops bleeding. We'd been visiting friends and Hannah fell and got all scraped up and put her teeth into her lip--OUCH! The friends we were visiting put her up on the kitchen counter and spooned sugar onto her lip. I was wondering what was going on..... Her bleeding stopped and so did her crying--she was busy enjoying the sugar. WHO KNEW? NOT me!

Since that time, I've been telling EVERYONE that sugar stops bleeding. It's good to know. So, one day, had a post about pepper stopping bleeding. I posted my comment, and you can see it here!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hannahism: Shampoo

So I went out with some girlfriends tonight to just have some down's been in short supply around here.

When I got back at 9:45, my sweet Hannah was still awake! She's a bit of a night owl, so it's not THAT unusual, but still! Hannah's legs were itchy, so I threw her in the shower with me.

Hannah is all about smells, and this is what she had to say on the subject of shampoo:

"I love how this (her) shampoo smells. It's like oranges. (Yes, it is orange scented.) Can I smell your shampoo? (I bend my head down.) Mmmmmm..... your shampoo smells like: oranges, lemons, carrots, peas, and corn."

Oranges, lemons, CARROTS, PEAS, AND CORN??? She also included FISH in the original list, but I said that I didn't like the way that fish smell. I'm using Costco shampoo, for those of you who are wondering where the food shampoo comes from--maybe all of those samples are scenting the shampoo.....


How could I miss it?! I've got more than 100 posts! Egads!
Aren't you supposed to do something special for #100?

Precious Moment.......

So I always check on my kids before I go to bed at night--tuck them in, give a kiss, you know.

Last night when I went in Toph's room, I woke him up when I closed the window. This happens all the time, and he goes back to sleep. What he says in those moments is sometimes entertaining.

Last night was just PRECIOUS though.....
T: (garbled) Thank you.
M: What? I didn't quite hear that.
T: Thank you.
M: Oh, you're welcome. What are you thanking me for?
T: For all that you do for me. Thank you. Love you.
M: I love you too, Buddy.
T: (does the "I love you" sign.)

Isn't that just SWEET?!


Well, after much anticipation, I won 2 things I bid for today!

Toph will be getting Mario Kart Races--he's wanted this for a LONG time.

I'm getting a CRICUT! Happy scrapping to me!
Now I need to learn how to use it!

Now I think I'm taking an ebay break.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My New Obsession

Well, I have re-discovered ebay. I have used it before, when looking for some hard-to-find shoes and toys for the kids. I was talking to my sister a few days ago about a scrapbooking tool I wanted, and she suggested ebay......

Now I've been watching, like one possessed, to see if I "win" anything.

So far, I've purchased a pair of shoes. I've bid on 30 video game things--haven't won a single one. I've bid on several of the scrapping tools too. Time will tell.

Even Toph is into it. I found some video games he's wanted (Pokemon gold, Mario Kart Races, etc.) and he was SO excited when I put in a bid. He didn't quite understand when I didn't care that I was outbid....something about paying more for it on ebay than I could get it at Target.....

Still haven't managed to find Wii Fit tough. It's practically IMPOSSIBLE to find locally, so if any stalkers out there find it, CALL ME!!! Because I'm not paying more on ebay than I can buy it for in a local store--so I probably won't win any of my bids. I'm being patient, but I REALLY WANT THIS ONE! (The world might be coming to an end soon--I want a video game?!)

Gotta go...It has been 3 minutes and I haven't checked in on my bids...... :-)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Poppin' Pills!

With the rising cost of EVERYTHING, I have been particularly bothered by kid medicine. I've really been fixated on it for some reason. I guess it's because we've finally developed allergies to our surroundings, so medicine is more necessary.

Well, we went to Wal-Mart and saw that a bottle of liquid Benedryl was $3.47--for about 24 doses. At Costco, a bottle of Benedryl pills was $3.97--for 400 pills! Do the math! And for stuffy noses, Sudafed is what works for us. Yes, the Sudafed you can ONLY buy at the pharmacy and you have to sign for. It's hard to keep stocked up on liquid, since you can only buy 1 bottle at a time. Now we have pills. Pills for all medications!

Watching the kids learn how to take the pills has been very entertaining. Hannah has caught on the quickest. Toph is having a much harder time. He'll keep the water in his mouth for close to a minute without swallowing--crazy!

So, we've entered the world of swallowing pills. We're big time!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today's Kid Moment

Oh was I laughing!

We spent a LONG time running errands today (helping me look forward to the beginning of the school year when I'll do this alone!)....

We had a junk lunch, and Toph got a Spy Gear toy in his Happy Meal. On the way home, Toph was BEGGING Hannah to play "super spies" with him when they got home (they'd been promised computer time). Here's the funny part:

T (to Hannah): Stick your finger in your ear.
H: (does it) Ok.
T: Do you have your bluetooth on?
H: Yeah.
And so the conversation went--they talked to each other (in the same car) while Hannah was wearing her "bluetooth" AKA: a finger in her ear!

They crack me up!

Calling ALL Book Junkies........

I know that MANY of you are as addicted to the Stephanie Meyer books as I am.....

I have always borrowed her books......

Guess what I'd like to borrow? Yep, anyone who has purchased and finished Breaking Dawn....if you loan your books, I'll take REALLY good care of it....PLEASE?!

I mean, seriously, if you were in line at midnight on Friday, you've had MORE than enough time to finish it by now.....

I'll make cookies!