Monday, March 1, 2010

Convicted of Involuntary Techslaughter......

I'm not a geek. I don't speak tech. I don't understand how a lot of electronic things work--it's like magic to me. Last Thursday, our SDG&E guy warned me. The power would be off for like 5 seconds (really, it was maybe 3) and I should turn off or unplug any sensitive devices like computers, etc. Well, I know that our computers have a UPS or USP or FBI (3 letters) box that gives them some power when we lose power. The upstairs TV was off. The stuff that mattered was covered--or so I thought......

Suddenly, I had 2 kids home from school and NO internet! Yikes! I made a panic call to Robert, and found out that I'd probably killed the upstairs router. Oh. I forgot about that one. You know, the one responsible for all internet in the house? That's not a good one to kill. Robert was patient and ordered a new router on overnight shipping.... And then he spent his full Thursday night working out the bugs of moving one router to a new place--so we'd have internet the next day.

Well, work has been so much FUN for Robert lately, and he forgot to bring the router home on Friday. No big deal. We could still do most of what we needed. My mail kept being funky and needing special attention, and Robert had to devote some of his weekend to fixing things again.

Tonight he brought home the new router, the one that completes the circle of wireless internet goodness that we depend on. And he's still trying to work out the bugs. He's a Tech Genius, but he doesn't have to do this stuff very often--so he's rusty. And probably cursing me silently for killing the router upstairs. I swear, I didn't know!

Most of all, he's not spending his home hours doing the things that need doing most--like his homework or his 27 million time-sensitive projects from work. It has been intense and insane, and he's working on the internet for our home.... He MUST love us! I know I sure appreciate all of his Geek-ness. I could never figure this stuff out.

And I'm sorry about that router upstairs, R.I.P.