Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Update

I haven't been so good at my New Year's Resolutions, have I? Blogging twice a month--such a DO-ABLE thing, but I haven't done it! I'm not even going to try to get back all the way to January. Tonight I'm just going to update what we've been doing in April.

April has passed in a blur for me. I got a nasty virus in late March, and I missed about 17 days of April. Fever, headache, and COUGHING like you wouldn't believe. Topher had it bad too, but only for 9 days. His fever was much higher though, so he was very miserable. I'm glad we're done with that! Robert and Hannah both got sick too, but they were only sick for a day--lucky ducks!

April 7th we celebrated our unlucky 13th anniversary! Unlucky because I was too sick to celebrate at all. We finally went out to Outback on Friday and we'll consider that our celebration--even though the whole family went on the date. I can't believe it's been 13 years--seems like forever and just yesterday at the same time. I wouldn't change a thing, and I'm so glad Robert asked!

Robert and Toph went on a Scout campout at Qualcom stadium for the Scout Fair. Topher gets to go with Robert on most campouts that he does with the Boy Scouts, and I'm glad that Toph got to go this time. They saw lots of stuff and had lots of fun. Toph got 3 belt loops, and both boys came home VERY tired. While the boys were away, Hannah and I got our hair cut and took our hair lady out with us for a Girls' night. We had dinner at Chevy's and then Hannah and I got some fabric to make her a couple of skirts. While the guys were busy at the Scout Fair, Hannah and I sewed her a purple skirt. Hannah is in a play in June and she's got to be dressed like a pioneer girl, so the purple skirt was our "practice" for her pioneer skirt. It turned out great, but I have had to take in the waist 3 times. I couldn't remember how to do an elastic waist, and I didn't make it small enough. Now it fits though, and Hannah is excited to wear it when it won't fall off!

We survived Spring Break--barely. Robert took the Monday off, and we all went together as a family to Julian. We've lived in San Diego for 4 1/2 years and had not been there yet, so it was high time. We'd been having HOT weather (high 80's to mid 90's) but the weather changed the day we went to Julian. While we were in a restaurant eating lunch, the clouds rolled in and we were literally walking through the clouds. We just ate lunch and walked around and did a little bit of shopping. We had a great time together. On the way home we stopped at Mom's Bakery and got an apple boysenberry pie--I just have to say, "YUM!!!!" I'm not a huge cooked fruit lover, but this pie was SOOoooooooo good! I ate most of it during the course of the week--not so good for my weight, but it was yummy.

The rest of the week we took it pretty easy. Both kids had pretty miserable colds/allergies, so we just hung out, watched movies, and played video games. It wasn't too warm outside--more like February weather than April. The kids also pretended to clean their rooms. By Friday we needed to get out of the house, so we went through our old games and took a pile to Gamestop. With our trade in's, we got to buy 4 new games, and the kids used their allowance to buy more new games for themselves. Saturday was a game fest at our house. Hannah was happily busy on her DS, and Toph was crazy on the PS3. That left me free to clean the house and make dinner. Robert was out with the Boy Scouts delivering firewood for a fund raiser. Yeah, that wasn't such a good idea, because he was already not feeling great, and all of the work pushed Robert over the edge. He spend Easter basically asleep.

We have a tradition of keeping the Easter Bunny and Easter separate, but with Robert gone doing firewood, we didn't have the EB hide the eggs on Saturday. The kids got their Easter baskets though, and loved playing with their new stuff. Since I'd been sick most of April, I hadn't even gotten the decorations out, so Easter baskets this year were just gift bags, but they work! I had the kids stuff the plastic eggs with candy themselves--why not? Our Easter Bunny only hides the eggs, and the kids know that Mom buys the candy. It was a stoke of genius to have the kids stuff the eggs themselves! They had fun, and I didn't have to do it! A true win-win.

Sunday morning we did the traditional egg hunt. The kids were so funny searching for the eggs!
Robert was feeling so gross that we skipped Easter dinner. We'd had a nice dinner the day before, so we just ate leftovers. We had our Easter dinner tonight instead--when we could all enjoy it. We spent a lot of time talking about why we celebrate Easter and what a great gift the Atonement is.

Now we're on the tail end of the month. Later this week, the kids get to go to Kids' Day at Robert's work again. It's the first time they've done it in 4 years, and we've been very excited about this. Toph has a pack meeting on Thursday and he'll be getting lots of awards. He's been working hard these past couple of months to get things finished. I'll have to take and post pictures later.

That's April in brief. Not much to tell for this month. I'll TRY to be better about blogging in the future.