Thursday, April 24, 2008


Since Robert has been gone this week, my evenings have been lonely. I look at everyone's blogs--thanks to those of you who posted something new this week! I surf the "net" and surf from other people's blog links. I was doing a Google search for a friend of mine and didn't come up with anything. So I tried a Google search on her Dad (figuring if the parents had a blog, they'd have a link to the daughter). That netted me a LOT of blogs about the Dad--he's an AWESOME teacher and speaker, by the way. So I ran into this blog about the Dad, and I have to share this blog, because it's SO funny! Mind you, I don't know this person from the man on the moon--but it's SO funny that you MUST read it--especially if you're having a bad day. You'll laugh out loud. And if you don't, we need to get you an attitude transplant.

Do they have those......attitude transplants? If so, Hannah needs one this morning! Maybe I should read this post to HER!

Anyway, enjoy this--I sure did! (Click on the "this".)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Successful scavenger hunt

I must be lonely--3 posts in one day!

We had a successful scavenger hunt tonight, after enduring the "nag time" of homework. It was a nice change.

Being as I'm sick of doing all of the work, and I'm also sick of begging, nagging, threatening, punishing, and yelling at the kids to do work, I decided to try something new. It hasn't ever really worked before, so I wasn't really helpful, but we needed to do SOMETHING.

I printed this out for the kiddos:

Cleaning Scavenger Hunt

**FIRST one done gets a prize! Everyone who finishes will get a prize!

DO the following:

ALL shoes in the shoe basket.
10 toys in your room away.
10 pieces of trash in the trash can.
4 things downstairs put away.
Dirty clothes to the hamper.
Hug and kiss Mom or Dad.

They were positively RACING to get the stuff done. It didn't get all that needed doing done, but we've made a good dent. At least Hannah doesn't have EIGHT pairs of shoes downstairs any more! All of the clothes made it to the hamper, and I got some good hugs and kisses. The kids were rewarded with some mini-peanut butter cups (a true favorite around here) AND the dessert they'd been promised.

Win-Win for all of us!

I'm going to have to try that again! Maybe make up a few different papers to hand out. Hmmmm..... I can see perhaps turning this into a homework scavenger hunt in the future..... Endless possibilities! Yeah!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kindergarten readiness.....this part SUCKED!

Sorry, Grandma! I know you really didn't like the word SUCK, but it was very appropriate for today's adventure.

Hannah needed the last few shots in order to attend Kindergarten, and registration is just around the corner. I made her appointment for a physical WAY back when, and missed the deadline by a week. So we went today for a nurse appointment JUST for the shots.

I warned Hannah about this yesterday, so it wouldn't be a complete surprise. We talked about how shots are (usually) FAST, and it's a poke, but then it's over. I explained that we have to have the shots, because they protect us from getting germs that can make us really sick or even kill us. I'm not sure that helped though.

I was expecting three shots, but it was FIVE!!! Four shots and the TB test, so FIVE pokes. The nurse wasn't quick about any of them either. When my mom would give me shots, she'd pinch hard (to distract) and shoot fast--my preferred method of shooting. This nurse did not pinch at all and seemed to take her time. I'm not sure if that's because that's how these injections need to be administered or what. All I can say is that Hannah was not the only person in the room with teary eyes. It SUCKED!

Then I made the mistake of looking at the needle. I know I exaggerate sometimes, but I SWEAR that one of the needles was 3 INCHES long--no lie! What possible reason would there be to have a needle that long?!

Hannah was a very brave girl. She did cry--but she was allowed to cry. It hurt! She was a real trooper, and it didn't hurt that Mom felt guilty enough to add a TOY bandage to go along with the bribe lunch previously promised.

So Hannah made out like a bandit, and now she doesn't really need to dread the physical next month. The hard part is over! Hannah is now looking forward to holding Mommy's hand for the 2nd hepatitis shot I still need.

This really SUCKED though.

Kindergarten, here she comes!

Apparently, the birds can READ!

Well, after blogging my heart-felt feelings about the stupid, LOUD, OBNOXIOUS birds, they were quiet last night! Wonder of wonders! Do birds get the internet? Can they read? Food for thought......

Monday, April 21, 2008

What a WONDERFUL weekend!

Our weekend started on Thursday, when we came home from Disneyland.

We surprised the family by coming home early and taking everyone for Cheeburger.

Friday, Robert went to work early, and we sprang Toph from school early. We picked up Robert and headed over to the Flower Fields. There really aren't words--GORGEOUS!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the flowers. I can't necessarily grow them, but I love to look at them. I'd love to have a yard full of them--I could even do without grass, if I could have LOTS of flowers to gaze upon. We wandered and took a tractor ride around the place. I missed my rose garden from our old house--all the blood, sweat, and work that it included! The kids got their passports stamped all around the place. We enjoyed the sweet pea maze. Then we went to the Milton's Restaurant (as in Milton's BREAD). FANTASTIC!

Saturday we had to take Grandma back to the airport, and that was the only thing that marred our moods. It was sad to say good-bye, because we loved having her visit. After that, we wandered around Point Loma for awhile. Cool tidepools and GREAT wave smashing. I think smelling flowers and watching waves smash on rocks is my idea of Heaven on Earth, and I got to do both! The rocks at Morro Bay were my favorite place to just "be" and think, but I think I could get used to Point Loma--much closer! After that, we were home for a couple of hours and then went to some friends' for great BBQ and socializing.

Sunday we got to go to Church again, and that was great! The kids were even pretty good. The sun came back for a short visit again yesterday too, so it wasn't as cold as Saturday was.

All in all, a pretty FABULOUS weekend! Can we do it again soon?

For the FREAKIN' birds....

Ok, so I thought that birds, as a rule, went to sleep when it got dark. At least, I thought that the awake ones were too busy trying to eat than singing. About a month ago, we had the chatter and chirping of a complete congregation of nocturnal nightingales. Then it went away, and now it's BACK!

ALL night long these birds chirp and sing and the racket is LOUD! By the time I drag myself upstairs, all I want to do is sleep--NOT listen to the stinking birds! Don't those peabrains know it's NIGHTTIME? I'm beginning to wonder if their nocturnal singing is a function of the cycle of the moon?

From Wickipedia: "Scientists hypothesize that bird song has evolved through sexual selection, and experiments suggest that the quality of bird song may be a good indicator of fitness.[6] Experiments also suggest that parasites and diseases may directly affect song characteristics such as song rate, which thereby act as reliable indicators of health.[7][8] The song repertoire also appears to indicate fitness in some species.[9][10] The ability of male birds to hold and advertise territories using song also demonstrates their fitness."

All I can say is, those birds must be FIT and HEALTHY, because they're LOUD and unrelenting--not to mention obnoxious! It seems as if the entire gaggle is housed right under my bedroom window. Now, with Robert gone for a few days, I'm going to hear them all the better.

I'd better dust off the CD of the ocean noises!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

OUT of town!

My sweet Mother-In-Law took a week of vacation to visit us--and babysit the kids while Robert and I went to Disneyland WITHOUT them!

It was our 10th wedding anniversary, and we decided we'd like to visit Disneyland by ourselves--so we could ride the "good rides" multiple times and go at our own pace. We'd never visited Disneyland without the kids, so this seemed like a fun way to celebrate our 10th.

It WAS fun! We had a GREAT time! We rode all of the "good rides" at least twice. We went at a slower, less frantic pace, and we didn't worry if we didn't get to EVERYTHING there. We slept in until late morning (a REAL treat, when one considers that Toph is a real morning bird and we are both night owls). We ate at restaurants and didn't have to order chicken nuggets or "cheese noodles" once.

I forced Robert to spend some time at California Adventures, because I'd really only seen part of that park. We rode "Soarin' Over California" again, and I have to admit I'm not a big fan. I don't really like heights much, and this is high enough to be out of my comfort zone. I DO love the pictures and smells, but I like my feet on the ground. Then we waited to go on "California Screamin'." I don't think there's enough money in the world to bribe our oldest chicken dog (AKA: Toph) to go on this ride. It was a TOTAL blast! Now all of my favorite rides at Disneyland seem like Kiddie rides in comparison. I really liked it. We walked the whole park and even stopped for the tours (and free samples) at the bread and tortilla factories. Robert thanked me for making him explore it.

We did see another ride--I didn't remember the name. You sit in a seat with a harness over your shoulders and it shoots you WAY up REAL FAST and then bounces you back down (a MUCH tamer version is at Legoland). It had a "barf shield" by where your face would be, so I decided I NEVER needed to ride that one! If there's a shield there, it must be occasionally necessary, and we don't need to see if that would apply to ME.

All in all, we returned home tired--but in a good way. I felt renewed and ready to resume my role as MOM.

MANY, MANY thanks to Doreene, Grandma Extraordinaire, who filled in at home to allow us to go. This was the PERFECT get-away--something we haven't done since before we moved more than 18 months ago.

We surprised the whole group by getting home earlier than planned and whisking them away to a kid favorite for dinner--Cheeburger, Cheeburger. Grandma enjoyed her first trip too. We'd missed everyone, and it was a nice way to relax together.

Now for the next 10!

Tagged, I'm it!

Christin tagged me with a tag I haven't seen before.

This is what you do:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog.

SO, this doesn't say ANYTHING about the book being one YOU are reading. I blog at the computer desk, where I really don't keep any books.

The nearest book to me was: The Practice of System and Network Administration (snore!). You can guess who is reading this! (Hint: NOT me!)

Quote: "Document those decisions and use this document as a basis for your security program." I'm amazed that this sentence is actually completely in ENGLISH! Haven't read the book though (and I won't be reading it in the future), so I can't really expound on what it all means......

NOW, I tag: Aimee, Heidi, Cody, Josh/Sommer, Jennifer Ward (not sure she even looks at my blog).

By the way, what are the "rules" for tagging? Am I supposed to be sending these people an email or something? :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Demons among us

Demons have swooped in while we were sleeping and replaced my sweet daughter.

It looks like Hannah and sounds like Hannah, but it's a demon.

This demon has a bad case of Universe Revolving Around Me-itis. So it can't be my SWEET daughter.

This demon is unable to do the most basic of tasks--brush teeth, get dressed, clean room, eat a meal--without melting down.

I wanted to take the kids and do something fun for spring break, but with the demons among us, I'm not sure I can. I'm VERY torn between wanting to give them something fun to do and my desire to NOT reward bad behavior. On the one hand, part of the problem may be boredom. On the other hand, what message would I send if I say, "yes, I realize you said "I hate y0u" repeatedly today and were grounded until you got your room clean--which it still isn't--but we'll go to Disneyland tomorrow."

Sometimes being the parent is hard.

Our Legoland Adventure

Our friend, Melissa, gave us some FREE tickets to Legoland last week. We had an AWESOME time and made some fun memories. Now we're going to HAVE to get passes. Perhaps it's a little-known fact that Toph is Cuckoo For Legos! He was in hog Heaven! It was a great way for us to begin Spring Break. The kids can't wait to go back. I really think they might be happy to sit at the creating station and just build on their own for an entire day.

Thank You, Melissa, for a GREAT Day!

Monday, April 7, 2008

TEN Years!

Sealed for ETERNITY
April 7, 1998
San Diego, CA

Ten years ago we got married. It was just the beginning of a GREAT life together forever.

A little bit of history: We "dated" about 6 weeks before we got engaged. Robert proposed without EVER discussing marriage, but I knew I'd marry him--even told my sister about 3 weeks before. She was scandalized--"You haven't discussed marriage YET, have you??" Nope! We were engaged before we had our first "official" date, and we were married 71 days after becoming engaged. I have never regretted my decision. Robert is my BEST friend. He is a WONDERFUL husband and a FANTASTIC father. I knew I'd marry him so soon because I knew what I was looking for. It has been a great 10 years. I'm looking forward to eternity.
Thanks Honey!

My Mother-In-Law, Doreene, sent us a gift card for the Hotel Del Coronado. We had a blissful dinner, without kids. Then we did a bit of shopping--we found See's Candy! And we just enjoyed being alone for a few minutes. It was a wonderful date.

Next week, Doreene is taking vacation time to come here and watch our kids, so we can REALLY celebrate. We're going to DISNEYLAND--all alone!!! We've never done this, and we're really excited to go ride all the COOL rides that our kids are scared of. Thanks Doreene!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Google Reader just discovered, Thanks Robert!

Leave it to my head geek to know about something as fabulous as Google Reader!

Why? Because Google Reader will keep track of every blog you stalk and every website you like to visit, and you can check Google Reader to see if your stalking subjects have posted something new! It's genius!

Perhaps I'm the only one living under a rock, and unacquainted with this.....

How? For those of you unfamiliar with it, give it a try! If you already use Blogger, you already have an account. Just find it and set it up (clicky clicky directions). Robert did this part for me, so I can't really be more specific. Here's the website for Google Reader--go take a tour.

This is the RSS Feed Symbol--found on most blog websites.

Then, for every blog you like to stalk and every website you visit often, find the "subscribe" part at the end or click on the RSS feed symbol in the location bar of your browser. That will take you to a Google Reader page where you can choose to "add to Google Reader." The first time you see it in your Google Reader, it will be bold and you'll have all prior posts to scroll through (undoubtably, Robert knows a shortcut for this). Once that's done, it's a piece of cake! Check Google Reader, and if a person's name is bold, they've posted something new. You can look at it, pictures and all, within Google Reader.

The only downside to this is that you don't see the cool backgrounds or hear the music. And I'm not sure if you can post comments from Reader. When I want to hear someone's music or make a comment, I go directly to their page.

Many thanks (again) to my head geek, Robert!


Ok, Toph LOVES this chicken recipe. He BEGS for it often, and he's even willing to eat it cold for lunch. I figured I'd post the recipe so that everyone can enjoy it. I make a TON when I make it, and then we eat it all week--either as leftovers or in other dishes. Makes a smokin' great chicken salad for sandwiches. Also excellent in a quesadilla. Enjoy!

Parmesan Chicken

12-16 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 4 c. bread crumbs (FRESH only)
1 ½ c. parmesan cheese (or less) ½ c. parsley flakes (fresh or dried)
2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp. Salt
¼ tsp. Pepper 1 ½ c. melted butter (or WAY less)

Directions: Bread crumbs: MUST be from fresh bread. Save crusts in freezer until ready to make crumbs, or use from the loaf. Combinations with some sourdough bread give the best flavor (Maree prefers 1:1 ratio of sourdough:wheat bread—good color). Make bread crumbs in a food processor. Leftover crumbs CAN be saved in a ziplock in the freezer—even after the chicken has been in them. Just make sure you COOK them before eating. :-)

Mix bread crumbs, cheese, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper in a large bowl or ziplock baggie. Dip each piece of chicken in melted butter and then dip into bread crumbs—pressing into crumbs to get them to stick. Arrange pieces so that they don't overlap in a shallow baking dish—cookie sheet with sides. Can pour on left-over melted butter (Maree doesn't). Bake at 375 for 1 hour—check periodically and pull from the oven when the first piece is done. If you're using smaller pieces (breast tenders), cook a shorter time--start checking after 30 minutes.

Variations: about 10 minutes before chicken is finished cooking, spoon some spaghetti sauce over the chicken, add some mozzarella cheese and continue baking until done.

*******It is very important to try to make all of the chicken pieces close to the same size, so that they cook at an even rate. Dry chicken is yucky, so watch it and get it out of the oven when it's done.
**Don't have to use that much chicken—just save bread crumbs in a ziplock baggie in the freezer until you want to make it again.

Leftover chicken: You can use leftover chicken in chicken salad, or re-heat it and use it with the spaghetti sauce and mozzarella over noodles for another meal.

Homemade Rice Pilaf

2 c. rice
Vermicelli or Orzo pasta (vermicelli broken into pieces)--as much as you like
½ c. butter (or less)
5 c. chicken broth**

**Chicken broth: can use powdered or canned. Powdered is more convenient and much cheaper. Prefer KNORR brand, “caldo de pollo.” It is found on the Mexican food aisle or with the soups. Use 2 tsp. Per cup of water.

Directions: Melt butter over medium heat in large saucepan. Brown pasta in melted butter and add rice when pasta starts to brown. Add chicken broth, stirring well. Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce heat to simmer and cook 25 minutes, until all liquid is absorbed.

***Fat note, both recipes: You CAN successfully use less—up to 1/2—butter than the recipe calls for.

Merry Christmas, Maree!

My Honey did a GREAT job Christmas shopping last year. The present he chose for me is so PERFECT for me. I'm a read-a-holic, so I'm always reading something. Our home is simply bursting with books, because both of us love to read. We even have boxes of books still unpacked in the garage. This Sony (of course) reader will hold hundreds, if not thousands of books--and if I need more room, I have only to purchase another SD card. They take up a ton less room than the actual books do.

I unwrapped my perfect gift and played with it a little bit, and I showed my book to anyone who would look at it. You'd have thought I'd had another baby! :-) This reads just like a regular book. You can bookmark pages and even read several books at the same time. Books purchased for digital readers are usually about half price too (or less)--so that's good for our budget. Honestly, it's one of the coolest inventions since sliced bread!

In January, I went to a book club meeting, and I took my book to show to everyone. I opened up the cover, and to my HORROR, the reader fell out of the cover and onto the tile floor. That was the end of the reader. Thank goodness Robert had purchased an extended warranty! Then life got a little bit crazy at our house, with my Grandma dying, funeral trip, flu more than once for everyone. I didn't get it sent back in right away. Sony wasn't willing to replace my reader either--let me tell you, I was hot and bothered after THAT conversation! Robert paid less than the going price now, so they were only willing to refund what Robert had paid for it. I was upset, because that meant that replacing my reader was going to be more costly.

In the end, it all worked out. I'm not sure if it was on sale when we re-purchased it, or if it was Robert's employee price, but I got my new reader YESTERDAY! It's engraved, just like the first one, "Forever My Sweetheart." What a great present! Robert bought the "deluxe cover" and an a/c power adapter too, so I'm good to go!

Now I just need to learn how to use the thing! I'm excited to load it up with books and take it with me always. You can visit the Gutenberg Project and download thousands of books for FREE by going to:
Books from Gutenberg will work on a PDA or home computer too--not just for those of us lucky enough to have a book reader.

What a marvelous age we live in! Think of all of the wonderful inventions we've got that make our lives easier and richer. I love the benefits of modern technology.

I'm so thankful for my sweet Husband and the choice he made to give me the BEST Christmas present, EVER! Honey, I'm not sure you'll ever be able to top this! I'm glad to have it back, and I'm excited to start using my new reader--and I'm going to make sure it doesn't pop out of the cover! :-)

Happy Birthday, Grandma Betty!

No, most of you haven't met her. She died in June of 1995. This is a picture of my Grandma Betty, when she was just 16 years old.

Jennie Elizabeth Hale was born on April 2, 1917 in New Jersey. Her early years were hard. Her mother died shortly after her birth, so she never knew her birth mother. Her dad died, holding her hand, when she was only 8 years old. She was raised by her step-mother and eventually moved to Arizona. In 1942, she married Joseph James Givens. They moved to Fresno when my Dad was in elementary school.

Gram did NOT EVER go by "Jennie." She hated that name. She was called Betty to those who knew her, and Grandma Betty by many. She was a school teacher for a good portion of her life, and she was a Mom to my Dad.

Grandma Betty was NEVER idle. She was serving my Grandpa Jim or my Dad, cooking, watching a sports game, knitting, crocheting, or reading. She also wrote letters--remember those? Anyone who served a mission got regular letters (and care packages) from my Gram.

Knitting and Crocheting were just what she did ALL the time--waiting at the doctor's office, watching TV, visiting friends, on vacation--it was like the knitting needles were an extension of her hands. She said that she did it to prevent the arthritis from becoming too bad. I have NO idea how many pair of booties she made for the new moms in her ward at Church. She did that for YEARS. And her booties were better than any you could buy--they didn't fall off. She made many outfits and sweaters for me (and my siblings) over the years. As Gram's undisputed favorite, I had to really watch it when she'd ask me what I thought about something, because if I liked it, she'd make it for me--taught me to be honest!

This is Hannah wearing some of the dresses Grandma Betty knit for ME--antiques now!

Gram's cooking was amazing. When I think about my many nights spent at Grandma's house, there were 2 standard things I'd request--fried chicken (from scratch) for dinner--with mashed potatoes and milk gravy and homemade rolls..... YUMMY! And fried eggs, bacon, and homemade bread toast in the morning. She had a special "recipe" of cinnamon/sugar for the toast--it included a bit of powdered sugar. But NOBODY could make bread or rolls like Gram. One of my cousins (maybe it was my Aunt) ate an obscene number of rolls one year at Christmas or Thanksgiving. They were THAT good; you couldn't help yourself. I once realized that she wasn't going to live forever and asked Gram to show me how to make her bread. She didn't use a recipe. It was a few cupfuls of flour and some other stuff--all pretty much eyeballed. I tried, but I could never reproduce a product even remotely like Gram's. Maybe mine didn't have as much LOVE in them.

My grandparents TRAVELED too. The would leave around Mother's Day and be gone until Labor Day. They loved to fish, and many of their vacations revolved around fishing. It's kind of funny to watch some of the old movies, because the locations changed, but not much else did. They went to every state in the U.S. and province in Canada, except Hawaii. My grandparents couldn't agree on how to get there. Gram got seasick, and Grampa swore he'd only fly if it was in a box. He won. Gram took me to Hawaii right after I graduated from High School. She fulfilled her promise to my Grampa by getting there. We were quite a pair! She needed hip replacement surgery and I was recovering from Mono, so we had a rather "quiet" time in Hawaii--but we sure enjoyed the scenery! She was from Arizona, and watching her on the Pearl Harbor Memorial was an especially sober experience--so many names she knew.

Gram instilled a love of the beach in me. My grandparents frequently took me to Morro Bay as a young girl. Sometimes we'd stay in a motel, and other times we'd stay in a rented house. EVERY summer I'd go with Gram to the coast for a few days. I can't tell you how many hours she sat in the car--knitting, of course, while I sat on "my rocks" behind Morro Rock just watching the waves pounding. That is my place of Heaven on Earth, and she very patiently waited for me to enjoy it.

My Gram was one of the kindest, most giving people I have known. She wasn't a saint, but she was very generous. She was faithful in her Church service. She lived to make others happy and took great joy in doing that. Gram liked her comforts--a good book, chocolate candy, a bowl of ice cream, and ANY sports game to watch (especially baseball). She was a busy granny, and was out and about and fiercely independent until she died. I had the pleasure of living with my sister in her home after Gram died, and Aimee and I often commented on how we "felt" Gram close. She would have been 91 today. She is missed. But we know that she is in a MUCH better place, reunited with her loved ones. We know that she's with her parents and my Grampa, and that she's no longer in pain. She's watching out for us too.

Happy Birthday, Grandma Betty!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kissing and marriage....

Yes, the kids have been funny again, amusing us with what we loving refer to as "kidisms."

Last night on our way home from dinner, Hannah was again telling us that she was going to marry Toph when she got older. So we had to review the "rules" of getting married:
  • You cannot marry a relative. A relative is a brother/sister, mom/dad, aunt/uncle, or cousin.
  • You cannot marry someone who is already married.
  • Boys don't marry boys and girls don't marry girls.
Toph told Hannah that this meant that he could marry Lennie (girlfriend from school) or Taylor (first love). I told him absolutely, but that he couldn't marry Lennie in the Temple, because she doesn't go to our Church. He COULD marry Taylor in the Temple, and we LOVE her family already. Go Taylor! He'd have some great in-laws! No, you can never think about these things too early.

This is serious stuff when you're only 5. THEN Hannah wanted to know if you had to KISS the person you married (like that's a bad thing!). Robert told her that she didn't HAVE to, but that she would WANT to. Fun times!

Reminds me of a very serious discussion I had with Toph when he was about 3 1/2. He told me that he was going to marry me when he got older. I was flattered, but told him that I was already married, so that wouldn't work. He said that he'd marry me anyway--Daddy would let him. So then I explained that you can't marry someone you're related to--you can't marry your Mom. He was very upset, because "I LOVE you Mommy!" I told him that I loved him too, but that he'd find someone he loved even more to marry. He REALLY didn't know what to do with that! He was crying and very upset, because "I'll always love you, Mommy." It's so good to be loved....... I think he still thought he was going to marry me until last year. One of his cousins set him straight with the "rules." And since it didn't come from ME, he believed her........

Funny kids! They keep us busy and entertained. I love those kiddos!

These are pictures of one of the times Toph and Hannah married

Notice that Hannah is dressed in her finest princess dress.
Notice the hand kiss. He's a keeper!
How can you resist?!