Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TWO Tooth Fairy Visits!

Nothing about teething has ever been easy for Hannah. Recently we went to the dentist about a problem with her final 6-yr-molar that has finally come in, and we needed to make an appointment to have her top 2 teeth pulled. Her teeth get loose, but they won't come out. When her bottom teeth got loose, the big teeth grew in behind the baby teeth before we finally convinced Hannah to let us pull the baby teeth.

We weren't waiting so long this time. Hannah was excited to get them out, so the Tooth Fairy could come visit. We were only successful getting 1 tooth out the first time we tried--it jumped right out of her mouth. The floss got stuck when we tried to get the second tooth out though, and Hannah endured a bit of pulling before we got the floss off (and no tooth came with it). She did benefit from a much looser tooth though!

The tooth fairy visited as scheduled, and the next night we were able to get the second tooth out--so the poor tooth fairy had to come back again. Now she looks like a vampire (which would've come in handy at Halloween), and she enjoys forcing out a lisp when she thinks about it. We're glad to have this hurdle behind us. Now Hannah has lost 4 teeth and has all of her 6-yr-molars. Whew!

Time to Catch UP!

Ok, I've been away from the blog for a long time. I blame FaceBook. I catch up on lots of folks there, and then I forget that I have a blog. Bad Maree!

I use my blog as a journal of sorts for our family. Since I haven't blogged since April, I'm WAY behind. Instead of jumping in at April, I'm going to start where we are now and work my way backward.

Eventually, I hope to print off my blog each year as a written record of what we've been up to.

So there you go. I'm back, and it's time to catch up! Looking forward to reading comments from you!