Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hannah is 8!!!

We just got to celebrate our Hannah's eighth birthday--WOW, was she excited! For members of the LDS church, turning 8 means you get to be baptized, and Hannah is VERY excited for that milestone to be looming on the horizon.

Since her birthday was on a Sunday this year, we went out on Saturday to celebrate her birthday at the Olive Garden. We all ate WAY too much and enjoyed our breadsticks. We never did make it there in December for Toph's birthday, so it was a dual celebration for our family.

Sunday Hannah requested breakfast for dinner--"You know, all of that stuff I have for McDonald's breakfast." So we had pancakes, eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Were we ever stuffed!! We were too full to really enjoy Hannah's requested birthday cake--strawberry cake with chocolate whipped cream. Yum!

Hannah enjoyed her presents too. We were fooling with her earlier in the day when she asked when she was going to get to open her gifts (we do this after dinner). We told her that she didn't get to open her presents until she was 10--she'd have to look at them under the Christmas tree until then. (Yes, the tree is still up! It's fake, so our house isn't going to burn down. And it's the last remaining part of Christmas left in the house--coming down this weekend.) Hannah was very happy when she did get to open her presents, as she got things she really liked.
Loving the Rapunzel Polly Pocket!
Nope, I don't think she's too big for Play Doh!
Hannah's inner artist was pleased!

No birthday post would be complete without a photo montage, so enjoy!!
This is the first time Toph met his baby sister. It was love at first sight.
Hannah's fist Christmas.

Safety first! You never know what the folks are going to feed you.
Hannah decided that she wanted to eat sand. The more we discouraged her, the more she ate!
Hannah putting on the dance moves with the cousins.
Puddle stomping with brother!
Tickles with brother and Daddy.
Hugs from Pluto on our first Disneyland trip.
Being "cheesy" with brother while playing with leaves.
Hmmmm....... Playing "doctor" at the doctor's office.
Our sleeping angel.....she still looks like this....bear bear, silky, and thumb.

Primping with Grandma Bear--our girl LOVES make-up!
Our "love bug" couldn't look cuter!
A girl needs some "bling" to make the outfit complete.
She's growing up! This was the first day of first grade.
Hannah's planing on "Stayin' Alive" and keeping it lively for us.

Hannah as kept us on our toes--these are pictures of our girl's first and second self hair cuts.

Finally, our lives would NOT be complete without our little princess!

Happy Birthday, Hannah!!!

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