Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011

March means Pinewood Derby for us. This year was Topher's last Pinewood Derby, so we wanted to make it memorable. He designed it, and Dad helped cut it out with the scroll saw. Topher did most of the sanding work, and the boys had a real headache painting it this year. It was really cold this year, and the spray paint didn't want to dry.... and of course, we'd waited until the 11th hour to do the painting. So Toph's pretty car has a few fingerprints on it. Oh well! He LOVED his car!

Our new ward does Cub Scouts a little bit different. We don't have a lot of boys, so we do pack meetings combined with another ward. But for Pinewood Derby, we combined with all 3 wards and the Spanish branch--so there were like 30 boys! Each den got to race, and then the winner of all of the dens competed against each other.

Topher won for his den! Every year we go with the attitude that we're going to have fun. The creating and racing the car are the fun parts, and winning is just icing on the cake. Last year Toph had fun, but you couldn't have slapped the smile off of his face this year! In his den he came in first place every time, except for once when he came in second place.

When it came time for the winners to race each other, Toph still did well. He came in first a couple of times then too. I think he came in like 5th overall. All of the boys got funny awards too. Toph's certificate was "Best Use of Visible Weights." He had fun, and we had fun watching him.

I might even be a LITTLE bit sad that this was the last one!

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