Thursday, October 13, 2011

Einstein is in Da House!

I think I know who Toph admires..... Albert Einstein!

As I've made no secrets about it, Toph does not prefer to read chapter books. He'd rather read "The Science Encyclopedia" or "How Things Work." Yes, Toph is a bit nerdy, but we LOVE nerds in this house!

Last year, he had to read and do a book report each month on an assigned genre. When he had to do a biography, Toph decided to read about Einstein. So, in helping Toph type up this book report, I learned a lot about Einstein too. This month, Toph had to do a timeline project (at least 12 dates, descriptions, pictures, etc.). So instead of choosing to study a thing, Toph chose to do his timeline on Albert Einstein. So I learned even more about him.

As far as I'm concerned, Toph has chosen well. Albert Einstein was an amazingly intelligent and caring person. Toph could do worse than wanting to emulate Einstein.

....... Any guesses what Toph is going to be for Halloween??

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